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Computer Repair Marketing – Start A Computer Repair Business!

There is no denying it, the economy is bad and in some places it’s getting worse. But, what if you had a skill that you could turn into a business – like computer repair. Would that work?

You’ve seen many articles, even on this site that tout computer repair as a vocation. In fact just a few weeks ago we featured an article about Porter & Chester students that started a computer repair business. And, what about the article about the Nebraska student with a passion for computer repair. They all earned a living from computer repair. So, what do you really need to start a computer repair business?

The first thing you need is an education in repairing computers. We can’t tell you how many tech guys out there are operating without any formal education and are breaking more computers than they are fixing – it’s a huge number and we see it all the time. Get the education first before you start fixing any computers. You can get a decent education in repairing computers here.

Obviously it goes without saying that you will need some tools to fix computers – right? You’ll need some basic tools to open computer cases, remove hard drives, and replace basic components. Beyond that you’ll also need software tools to remove virus and malware problems. Reinstall operating systems and drivers. A good backup software can also be invaluable as a tool when you have customers that want to preserve their data during your computer repair.

After you get the education and beef up on your tools there is still one thing missing – CUSTOMERS! You’ll need customers because they are the engine of your computer repair business. Without customers you’ll find it hard to stay in business. Customers can come only if you have a well thought out computer repair marketing plan or if you join a national computer repair company like one of the companies I mention in my article Five websites that generate computer repair revenue.

Those are the bare basics of what you need to start a computer repair business. If you are interested in more information please feel free to join our Computer Repair Marketing group on LinkedIn by clicking here. You can also read our blog for helpful tips and information by clicking here. And check out our Featured Tools page for great tools to help your market your computer repair business.