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Five Websites That Generate Computer Repair Revenue

If you just started a computer repair business you know the long hours it takes to get new customers. It takes alot of time, sweat and perseverance.  The payoff in the end though is a great business that continually grows. But, what do you do during the early lean years? Well my friend there are five websites that will help you power your computer repair business until you can get it churning at full speed.


Certainly not the biggest in the industry it is arguably one of the best for paying well. ComputerAssistant.Com let’s individual technicians bid on the amount for each work order in addition to setting your rate within the profile (a double plus for us).  Signup is easy and takes a couple of minutes.


This national computer repair provider stated by J D Bryant, was at the forefront of the “pay techs better” revolution. During the signup process you can determine what kind of service requests you could perform, your rate and all of your pertinent information. Then all you needed to do was sit back and wait for the requests to roll in. Even though Gurus2Go is now owned by Signature Technology Group, they pretty much operate the same and have added some national contracts to their belt. They’ve also implemented a background check program which helps to weed out the undesirable computer repair technicians – leaving more business for the honest ones.


WorkMarket.Com is a new company in the market more akin to a labor outsourcing company than a computer repair company. The company itself does not provide the work but other users of the platform do. It works like a large service bizarre with some users selling services and some users buying them. It’s not real huge in most areas  yet but it is growing.  The company  was launched by Jeffrey Leventhal, Onforce’s former CEO.


InstallITToday.Com is also a relative new comer as well but from what we have been hearing they have been putting out a serious number of work orders lately. The work orders are often low priced and their largest volume of work orders seems to be on wall TV installations. One downside is that they request you obtain liability insurance which is not that expensive but may be an impediment to some just entering the computer repair business.


OnForce, vilified by some in the onsite computer repair world started off as Back in the day they were an awesome company to work with, paid well and had a ton of work. Unfortunately, some heavy handed tactics on the part of OnForce dealt it a serious blow to it’s reputation in the technician community. OnForce does, though, generate a fair amount of business and is worth considering but proceed with caution. There are a number of stories all over the internet about technicians failing to receive payment for their work.

There certainly are a number of other national computer repair companies that can help your start-up computer repair company land some interim revenue. We will continue to showcase other such companies in the future.

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  1. Good article. I have done work for 3 out of 5 of the organizations listed and have had good experiences. You have to pick and choose the right job and it would be tough to make a living off these services if you did not specialize in a particular area. I see a lot of wiring jobs, POS installs and the like that pay well.

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