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Why Use Guerilla Marketing?

The better question is why not use Guerilla Marketing. The biggest draw and probably the most important aspect of GM is that it is a free or very low cost way to market or advertise. On the other hand just because it’s free or low cost it doesn’t mean that it’s not effective.

Major marketing campaigns are often based loosely or not so loosely on basic Guerilla Marketing tactics. But back to what I was saying, GM is often preferred by people not only because it’s effective, costs next to nothing or nothing but it also has a profound effect on consumers regardless of the fact if the consumer knows it or not.

People subconsciously reward hard work. When you see that someone took the time to go all over the town, city, state, country or world (this sort of challenges the idea of GM but…) and place signs or leave business cards, etc you are going to pay attention and you usually don’t know it’s because you are rewarding their hard work.

GM takes places all day every day and a vast majority of people will be exposed to Guerilla Marketing at least once a week but generally once a day (on the low end). You can’t travel on any road in America where within 25 miles you won’t see some sort of poster or sign on a telephone pole telling you about something. Signs on telephone poles are one of the oldest and most effective ways to market and they are indeed GM.

Now that you know what GM is (some what) and why you should use it, I’d say it’s about time to show you just how to carry out various GM tactics. Not one of these methods will cost more than $100 and in most cases there is no cost of any kind associated but the average cost of a great GM campaign is between $5 and $25.

That’s not bad considering the amount of prospects who will be exposed to you via your GM efforts and the potential profits you could see as a direct result of all your work. It’s not always hard work and it’s not always fun but it is always worthwhile and effective. If you gain one more customer, you’ve done a good job.

The idea is to get many more customers than one but you see what I getting at here. I hope, so let’s get right down to the various Guerilla marketing methods that are more common place than you think.

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