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Pro’s and Con’s of Guerilla Marketing For Your Computer Repair Business

There is a positive and negative effect to each and every action in life. If you choose to get out of bed in the morning you get to go to work and make money but you don’t get to sleep. If you decide to get in shape you’ll be healthy and look good but you’ll have to sacrifice whatever you wanted to do for the time you spend working out.

A great way to tackle the pros and cons of any action is to take action with a positive attitude. Focus on the positive and not the negative and you may just be surprised how negative you would have felt once you discovered how positive the outcome was.

These same concepts and principles work with marketing, regardless of whether it is traditional, mainstream methods or Guerilla methods. On one hand, Guerilla Marketing requires some time, effort and energy and you may have no positive outcome. But just like choosing to be positive or negative in your every day life you can choose to keep trying. This is true whether you are marketing widgets or your computer repair business.

Another common thought about Guerilla Marketing is that it’s cheap and not effective. That is partly true 99% of the time GM is very cheap or free. A larger part of that 99% is free as opposed to very cheap. But, just like any other marketing you do it will only be as effective as the amount of effort you put into it – this is especially so with Guerilla Marketing since most of it’s effectiveness is based on your own efforts.

Moving on, GM is very effective and it is common place in Corporate America it just largely goes on without everyone knowing. In other cases these practices make it to the news. The news can say how much they don’t approve of it as much as they can but they are giving free advertising by doing a whole segment on the GM tactic and that can only be a positive thing for the companies. Having your marketing make the evening news is a bonus outcome that can boost your computer repair business to new heights!

When you’re a Guerilla Marketer you can compete with and play in the major leagues. Traditional marketing is great too but if you want to spend more effort than money on your marketing objective than Guerilla Marketing may be right for you. With the right effort, the rewards to your computer repair business will be many.

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