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Undercover Computer Repair Marketing

When you think of an undercover police officer you think of a police officer not wearing a uniform or making their presence known. The same “undercover” principles can be applied to an ultra effective GM campaign.

Most GM tactics require you to leave your computer but can also be used by you on your computer via the internet. It’s easier to explain UM (undercover computer repair marketing) if talking about applying it in the offline world.

This is another tactic that may require some money, not a lot but sometimes it will cost money. Basically you want to advertise without advertising. This can best be accomplished by having someone else do the advertising for you but once again, without the audience know they are being sent a message.

A great UM campaign you can carry out right now is also a very simple one and won’t cost you more than a few dollars (if that…). Go to a local bar, pub or restaurant or any where attractive young ladies could be found.

Since you’re not actually asking any of these girls out don’t worry about rejection but ask one of these girls if you could buy them a drink. In return for you buying them a drink all they have to do is talk about whatever you told them to.

If you’re promoting an auto detailing service you don’t want them to flat out say ‘Make sure to use so and do’s Auto Detailing’ but make it subtle, pretty girls are masters of deception so they will be able to carry out whatever you want.

You keep the drinks coming (not too many as you don’t want the messenger to be drunk) and they start and keep the buzz going and growing. Most people go from bar to bar so again all it takes is one person over hearing this pretty girl talking about what you told them too and you’ve created and undercover marketing campaign that I am positive will blow up your business.

Hopefully at this point in your reading you are starting to realize GM is all about people at their basic human level. I don’t want to say you are exploiting or taking advantage of this but you are, just in a nice and subtle way.

By now you’ll agree using any of the methods I’ve mentioned so far you could very easily and inexpensively create a frenzy around the person(s), place(s), or thing(s) you are trying to promote.

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