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Free Trial in Your Computer Repair Marketing

The Free Trial has been around for a while, and is pretty much a no brainer; even in computer repair marketing. It’s the idea of giving away something for free to get someone to pay you in the future – for instance a free diagnosis or free evaluation of a computer repair problem. Sort of like TPM (tissue pack marketing) it’s the idea that people value free things sometimes more than things that have a monetary cost to them. It’s no different with computer repair marketing.

It’s different than TPM because unless you’re a tissue maker Free Trial Marketing isn’t being applied when you give out a random free and every day item. FTM (free trial marketing) is used rampantly on the Internet for subscription based sites. It’s use by computer repair companies is relatively new in the marketing arena.

The idea is that someone who may not even be interested in your product or service when there is a fee attached to it but they might be interested when it’s free. Keeping with the subscription based website example, it’s also great because sometimes people forget to cancel the membership sometimes for a long time and you made a buck off them, just not right from the start. This form is also often used by online computer repair websites when they use a subscription model to sell their services.

Another pro of FTM is that you are showing the consumer they will like your product or service so much when it’s free that they’ll pay for it. This isn’t always the case but it’s the principle of FTM. In computer repair marketing, you are trying to show the customer that repairing their computer will not be as expensive as they think it will be and encouraging them to call you for a free diagnosis and quote. You’re betting that more often than not they will complete the repair once they see the price to fix it.

You’re simply giving people the chance to be a customer when sometimes in the past they wouldn’t have been a customer. Any type of marketing has it’s pros and cons and usually the pros outweigh the cons even computer repair marketing.

Chances are you aren’t a huge corporation, yet. You don’t plan on spending a fortune on marketing and advertising. My goal so far and through this release is to show you that you don’t have to spend a fortune or be a corporate giant to do business just like they do. Here is yet another great GM practice used by the big boys that you can use too.

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