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Astroturf Marketing for Your Computer Repair Business

Without even thinking the first thought that comes to your mind when you see or hear the words ‘Astroturf Marketing’ you think of a sign in the grass or Astroturf (hence the name), that’s not what Astroturf Marketing or Astroturfing is.

Astroturfing, the practice of Astroturf Marketing is creating an artificial buzz. Like most other methods of GM you want it to appear as though you had nothing to do with it because lets face it self promotion is the worst kind, so that’s why there are commercials and media outlets where you have to pay and make it look like it’s not you doing the marketing.

Silly I know so forget what people think and go out there and apply some AM to your next GM campaign. AM is one of the few GM tactics that is best and most easily carried out online.

You can start an amazing AM campaign within a few minutes. Simply search for a forum or mailing list on a topic related (directly or indirectly) and start posting or mailing and subtly mention whatever it is you want to mention.

In a majority of the cases this costs absolutely nothing more than the fee of your internet service and won’t get you in trouble with the site, forum or mailing list you are targeting. To find the appropriate forum(s) to post on just go to Google and type the niche you are looking for followed by a plus sign and then forum, hit enter and watch the millions of forums appear in front of you.

For example, if you want to do an AM campaign on pet care or you are promoting a pet care product go to google and type the following “Pet Care+Forum”, signup to any or all of these sites and start posting.

Don’t go to crazy right away but you’ll get the idea and soon you’ll create a buzz around the sites which spread from one to another like a virus (remember Viral Marketing) and soon you’ll be glad you not only got this eBook but applied at leat this method of GM.

Ahh. We are moving along pretty quickly. You’ve had numerous chances here to get going on some serious GM and I hope you have taken advantage of me rambling on here. GM is perfect for anything as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now so I’ll move on to the next GM tactic. Happy computer repair marketing!

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