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Five Services that Grow Recurring Revenue for Your Computer Repair Business

Marketing to customers and growing the revenue of your computer repair company is not the easiest task. There are big challenges but it’s the same with most any business; if you have the keys to success you can make a good living at it. One of those keys is recurring revenue. But, what services can your company offer that can ensure recurring revenue and a healthy stream of cash in good times and bad?

You will want services that customers always need and will depend on.

Computer Maintenance Services

In good times or bad maintenance services for business computers will be a good service to offer. Regular maintenance will help your local business customers extend the life of their computers and other technology assets. This service sells well with the right pitch and is something that small and medium businesses are looking for, especially in this market. Marketing for this service is easy. Just keep track of your last visit, and contact customers you haven’t seen in the last six months. You can contact the customer by email, post card or phone call to do your follow up. What’s even better about this service is that there is no need to outsource it which means you don’t need to share revenue with anyone else.


Remote Data Backup

Whether you are servicing consumers or businesses data backup is a great service to have in your arsenal. Customers that sign-up for the service are loyal in good times and bad because of their fear of losing a precious photo or important business computer file. Most plans are very reasonably priced and can be sourced from a multitude of vendors. We like the partner program from Intronis available through Virtual Administrator for business customers. If you have consumers as your customer base we favor the plans offered by Remote Data Backups. Both partners have been in the industry for many years and have solid reputations.

Phone Support (a.k.a. Help Desk)

It’s a customer’s dream to get instant help over the phone from their favorite computer guy or gal. Offering your customers a regular plan where they receive discounted support over the phone is good for them and makes really good financial sense for you (given the price of gasoline these days). Business customers will appreciate paying a lower price for regular service issues that come up. You may even be able to sell them on a monthly contract if you price the service right. Depending on how many staff members you have this could be a service that you offer yourself directly to customers or you may choose to outsource it to a vendor. Our favorite vendor for this service is Global Mentoring, a firm located in Canada. Their pricing is great and who can resist service from those friendly Canadian folks!

Secure Web Browsing / VPN

NetZero has commercial running advertising their wifi hot spot service as a way to avoid hackers when you use your laptop at public wifi available at coffee shops and restaurants. Security is one of the things that is foremost on your customers minds, especially your business customers. And, if it isn’t, you should be talking to your customer on a regular basis to make it one of their foremost concerns. Businesses are losing increasing amounts of data and with it tons of money trying to prevent hackers from getting access to their data or worse yet causing a data breach. One data breach can wipe a small company off the map. IT consultants that can help business customers secure their web browsing activities have an opportunity to make large sums or recurring revenue. There are only a few partners out their available for secure browsing/VPN services. We’ve looked around and the best partner program we’ve seen out there for secure browsing is the program by SurfSafe VPN. The opportunity with the SurfSafe VPN product is just amazing and the company will provide free marketing materials and support to help you launch the product.

Network / Device Monitoring

Imagine being able to tell a customer they have a problem before they even know they have a problem or calling them just as a problem develops on their computer or network. That is the power of Network or Device monitoring. The service allows you and your customer see issues before they become a big headache, plan for and resolve them they cause problems with the productivity of their employees. This service is something that can be reasonably priced and is affordable for most business customers. There are a multitude of partners available out there but our is GFI. GFI’s pricing is just really great plus they will provide marketing tools and support.

Now none of these products will make you an overnight millionaire but they will help you increase that all important recurring revenue, build customer loyalty, and help you build a reputation as an end to end supplier of computer repair and IT services.

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